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Anil Kapoor Best Movies

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"Anil Kapoor"Anil Kapoor Best Movies is the collection of top bollywood movies of Anil Kapoor. Kapoor made his Bollywood debut with Umesh Mehra’s Hamare Tumhare (1979) in a supporting role. After a few minor roles in films such as Hum Paanch (1980) and Shakti (1982), he got his first leading role in the 1983 Hindi film, Woh Saat Din.

Anil Kapoor Best Movie – Mr. India (1987)

"Mr India-Anil Kapoor Best Movie"Mr. India is a 1987 Hindi science fiction superhero film directed by Shekhar Kapur. Orphaned as a child, Arun Verma has dedicated his adult life to looking after orphaned children, in a house where he is unable to afford to pay the rent nor even day to day expenses for necessities. He decides to rent one of the rooms, and the tenant is a newspaper reporter named Seema Sohni, who happens to dislike children.

Actors – Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and Amrish Puri

Director – Shekhar Kapur

Anil Kapoor Best Movie – Parinda (1989)

"Parinda-Anil Kapoor Best Movie"Parinda is an award-winning 1989 Indian film directed and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Parinda is considered by many to be the turning point in reality in Hindi cinema, as the theme of the film discusses the real life of Indian underworld gangsters and the general life of residents in the city of Mumbai. The story revolves around two brothers, Kishen and Karan, who have spent their childhood growing up alone on the streets of Mumbai.

Actors – Nana Patekar, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit

Director – Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Anil Kapoor Best Movie – Nayak (2001)

"Nayak-Anil Kapoor Best Movie"Nayak: The Real Hero is a 2001 Indian movie. it has been considered an underrated film with superb performances byAnil Kapoor. A man accepts a challenge by the chief minister of Maharashtra to run the state for one day, and makes such a success of it that soon he is embroiled in political intrigue.

Actors – Anil Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee and Amrish Puri

Director – S. Shankar

Anil Kapoor Best Movie – Chameli Ki Shaadi (1986)

"Chameli Ki Shaadi-Anil Kapoor Best Movie"Chameli Ki Shaadi is a 1986 bollywood comedy film. Charan Das lives with his brother Bhajan Das and his brother’s wife. He wants to become a wrestler and joins a wrestling school (Akhara) run by Mastram Pehelwan. As per the rules of this school, a man should not marry until the age of 40. Meanwhile, Bhajan Das is not happy with Charan Das’s attitude and asks him to do some useful work.

Actors – Anil Kapoor, Amrita Singh and Om Prakash

Director – Basu Cha5tterjee

Anil Kapoor Best Movie – Eeshwar (1989)

"Eeshwar-Anil Kapoor Best Movie"Eeshwar is an Indian film directed by K. Vishwanath and Rajesh Malik and released in 1989. Ishwar is a simple-minded and honest young man, devout and religious, he cares for everybody. He meets with a young widow with a son and marries her. This story is about him and his trials and triumphs.

Actors – Anil Kapoor, Vijayshanti and Saeed Jaffrey

Directors – K. Vishwanath, Rajesh Malik

Anil Kapoor Best Movie – Virasat (1997)

"Virasat-Anil Kapoor Best Movie"Virasat is a Hindi musical drama film by Priyadarshan that was released in India in 1997. After completing his studies in London, England, Shakti Thakur returns to the small Indian town where his family resides. Accompanying him is his leggy girlfriend, Anita, whom he is in love with and wants to marry, much to the disapproval of his family.

Actors – Anil Kapoor, Tabu and Pooja Batra

Director – Priyadarshan

Anil Kapoor Best Movie – Woh 7 Din (1983)

"Woh 7 Din-Anil Kapoor Best Movie"Woh 7 Din, is a 1983 Hindi film directed by Bapu. It was Anil Kapoor’s first lead role. Anil Kapoor‘s role, Naseeruddin Shah‘s acting and the film’s music were considered strengths of the film. Maya, coming from poor family, is married to the affluent Dr. Anand; but she tries to commit suicide on the nuptial night. She tells Anand that she was in love with Prem whose ambition was to be a music director.

Actors – Anil Kapoor, Padmini Kolhapure and Naseeruddin Shah

Director – Bapu

Anil Kapoor Best Movie – Lamhe (1991)

"Lamhe-Anil Kapoor Best movie"Lamhe is a 1991 Hindi film directed by Yash Chopra. The film was critically acclaimed, had exceptional music, and did brilliant business in UK. Unfortunately, it was not a box-office success in India. It is one of the few films that picked up the Filmfare Award for Best Movie. Viren who travels to Rajasthan with his governess, affectionately called Dai Jaa . He meets the beautiful Pallavi and he instantly falls in love with her.

Actors – Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and Waheeda Rehman

Director – Yash Chopra

Anil Kapoor Best Movie – Mashaal (1984)

"Mashaal-Anil Kapoor Best Movie"Mashaal is a 1984 Bollywood film, Produced and directed by Yash Chopra. The protagonist, Vinod Kumar, is a respected, law-abiding citizen who takes Raja under his wing. Vinod teaches Raja good values and sends him to college. While Raja is away, some enemies of Kumar kill his wife. Devastated and disillusioned, Kumar turns to crime for exacting revenge. On his return, Raja finds Kumar totally changed, resulting to a conflict between them.

Actors – Mohan Agashe, Rati Agnihotri, Anil Kapoor and Vikas Anand

Director – Yash Chopra

Anil Kapoor Best Movie – 1942: A Love Story (1993)

"1942 A Love Story-Anil Kapoor Best Movie"1942: A Love Story is a 1994 Bollywood film starring Anil Kapoor, Manisha Koirala, Jackie Shroff, Anupam Kher, Danny Denzongpa, and Pran. The film is set in 1942, when the British ruled India. It was a time when Indians were either working for the British or rallying in underground meetings and protests against them. In this atmosphere, Naren Singh falls in love with Rajeshwari “Rajjo” Pathak. But their romance is not an easy one.

Actors – Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and Manisha Koirala

Director – Vidhu Vinod Chopra

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