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Amol Palekar Best Movies

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"Amol Palekar"Amol Palekar Best Movies is the collection of top bollywood movies of . Amol Palekar is an Indian actor of the 1970s and a director of Hindi and Marathi cinema. In 1974 he was cast as an actor by Basu Chatterjee in Rajnigandha, and a surprise low-budget hit, Chhoti Si Baat. This led to many other such roles in “middle-class” comedies, mostly alternative cinema. These were often directed by Chatterjee or Hrishikesh Mukherjee and include such films as Gol Maal and Naram Garam. He won the Filmfare Best Actor Award for Gol Maal.

Amol Palekar Best Movie – Apne Paraye (1980)

"Apne Paraye-Amol Palekar Best Movie"Apne Paraye is a 1980 Bollywood comedy and drama film directed by Basu Chatterjee. Sidheshwari is the wife of an advocate in Calcutta and lives in a joint family along with her three children; her husband’s lazy and wastrel cousin, Chander; his wife, Sheila, and their two children. Sheila runs the financial affairs of this household without any question and keeps on urging her husband to find some work, after he squanders several thousand Rupees in one failed business after another.

Actors – Shabana Azmi, and Girish Karnad

Director – Basu Chatterjee

Amol Palekar Best Movie – Chhoti Si Baat (1975)

"Chhoti Si Baat-Amol Palekar Best Movie"Chhoti Si Baat is a 1975 Hindi romantic comedy film directed by Basu Chatterjee. The film established Amol Palekar as having an uncommon comic talent for playing mousy characters, a role he would go on to repeat several times in his career. This movie is based on “School for Scoundrels”.

Actors – Ashok Kumar, Vidya Sinha and

Director – Basu Chatterjee

Amol Palekar Best Movie – Taxi Taxie (1977)

"Taxi Taxie-Amol Palekar Best Movie"Taxi Taxie is a 1977 Hindi adventure and comedy film directed by Irshad. A good-hearted taxi-driver (Amol Palekar) goes out of his way to help his customers, and when times turn bad for him, and he has no one to turn to, his former customers come to assistance. The other priority on his shoulders is to marry – but before that he must accomplish himself.

Actors –, Zaheera and Reena Roy

Director – Irshad

Amol Palekar Best Movie – Gol Maal (1979)

"Gol Maal-Amol Palekar Best Movie"Gol Maal is a 1979 Bollywood comedy movie directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Ramprasad is a recent college graduate who finds a job with a finicky man, Bhavani Shankar, who believes that a man without a mustache is a man without a character. Bhavani Shankar is also against any of his employees indulging in recreation of any kind.

Actors – , Bindiya Goswami and Deven Verma

Director – Hrishikesh Mukherjee

Amol Palekar Best Movie – Jhoothi(1985)

"Jhoothi-Amol Palekar Best Movie"Jhoothi is a 1985 Bollywood comedy and drama movie directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. This movie proves that speaking truth is not always the right thing to do!!! As the title suggests that the movie is about a female who is a liar, and it is this female who shows how much lying can be a worthy quality. Nice movie withsome good comedy.

Actors – Rekha, Raj Babbar and

Director – Hrishikesh Mukherjee

Amol Palekar Best Movie – Baton Baton Mein (1979)

"Baton Baton Mein-Amol Palekar Best Movie"Baton Baton Mein is a 1979 romantic comedy film produced and directed by Basu Chatterjee. Rosie Perreira is an overly anxious widow, living with her guitar-obsessed son, Sabhi, and a lovely daughter, Nancy, who she would like to get married to a wealthy young man. Her helpful neighbor, Tom, introduces a young eligible Tony Braganza to Nancy in the 9:10 AM Western Railway local train from Bandra to Churchgate.

Actors – , Tina Munim and Asrani

Director – Basu Chatterjee

Amol Palekar Best Movie – Khamosh (1985)

"Khamosh-Amol Palekar Best Movie"Khamosh is 1985 Indian thriller film directed and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. It is a suspense movie, where in he murderer is among the group of people living together in a hotel, and the actual murderer is well hidden in the plot till the very end.

Actors – Shabana Azmi, and Sudhir Mishra

Director – Vidhu Vinod Chopra

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